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Nano Inorganic Fire Retardant Masterbatch For Plastic Safe Produce Raw Material

Nano Inorganic Fire Retardant Masterbatch For Plastic Safe Produce Raw Material

  • Nano Inorganic Fire Retardant Masterbatch For Plastic Safe Produce Raw Material
Nano Inorganic Fire Retardant Masterbatch For Plastic Safe Produce Raw Material
Product Details:
Place of Origin: SHANGHAI CHINA
Certification: SGS COA ISO
Model Number: nano flame retardant masterbatch
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: negotiation
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: rolls ,PALLET
Delivery Time: 2-7days after we received the payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 30t/day
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Nano Flame Retardant Masterbatch Effective Content: Nano Tin Zinc Oxide
Flame Retardant: UL-94V0 Nano Powder Solid Content: 5-15%
Decomposition Temperature: >=400 Dispersed Particle Size: <60nm
Dosage: 20-50% Appearance: Light White Graininess
Environmental Requirement: Meet ROHS Regulations 1 Feature: FLAME Retardant
Product Name: Inorganic Nano Flame Retardant Masterbatch
High Light:

abs masterbatch


colour masterbatch

flame retardant masterbatch for plastic safe produce raw material nano inorganic



Company introduction

NALINV—Innovation driven by Nanotechnology

NALINV is a growth technology company with a strong sense of innovation and execution.

R&D in inorganic Nano materials as the core, modified Nano plastics as the base, gathering Nano metallic oxide powder preparation, dispersing and grinding, wet granulation, and biaxial oriented PET film manufacturing as a whole, to build a whole vertical industry chain mode

NALINV owns the world's most intelligent fine Nano powder preparation, dispersion and wet granulation production line.

With industrial pilot experiment base (thin film, polycarbonate board, coating, injection molding, spinning, polymerization), gathered a group of overseas returnees and domestic authorities' expertise of nanotechnology, with a number of Nanomaterials research institutions globally, from fundamental research to applied research, from industrialization to marketization to achieve overall layout of this market.

Applying to industries of construction, photoelectric, textile, aerospace, automobile, new energy, engineering plastics and other fields, to meet the needs of the world's rapid development

Safety & Environment

Safety and environmental protection is the key of our company code.
NALINV are committed to paying highly attention to our environment, employees, customers, suppliers, and public health and safety

- Using expert knowledge in developing new products, to boost the development of green environmental products.

- Forming more effective end to end supply chain.

- Continuously improving the energy efficiency of factories and offices.

- Ensure that all regulations and reporting requirements complying with industry standards.

- Actively participating national recognized activities and organizations.

- Strictly implementing all safety and health laws and regulations.

Company Strategy

Due to the growing scarcity of resources, population growth, climate change and other challenges, we want to find the root of the problem and seek countermeasures.

Our vision is to lead us to reshape the global chemical industry, and develop a chemical model that can not only address these key issues, but also continue to promote value creation and profit growth.

NALINV uses modified nanomaterials as a bridge and continuously research and innovate, to service our industry and contribute to our society.

Core Value

In order to ensure the successful implementation of company strategy, so as to realize our vision, we must be clear about what we have to do, and how to do it.
Through a process to cover entire staff, NALINV has developed the following values:

- Focus on customers (to build a successful partnership with customers)

- Fulfill commitment (suit the action to the word)

- Pursue excellence (continuous innovation, do the best of everything).

- Win-win cooperation (cultivate, contribute, and develop personal skills, and take the responsibility of team success).

Nano Inorganic Fire Retardant Masterbatch For Plastic Safe Produce Raw Material 0

        Now our current products as below :



Advanced Nano materials create a new generation of high-end industry

NalinV Nano powder provides more than 200 products and services for customers from over 10 countries and regions in the world

Continuously using the power of technology and innovation, contributing to our society and mankind


  1. Cesium tungsten acid
Appearance blue black powder Content ≥99.9%
Type multi doped tungsten oxide


Primary particle size


30 nm

Bulk Density 1.5 g/ml Surface area 50 m2/g









Product Features

- Even granular particle size, high degree of crystallinity;

- Dispersed easily in various polar or non-polar organic solvents and water;

- Excellent conductivity and optical characteristics, barrier rate as high as 95% (VLT=70%) in the near infrared region;

—Good absorption effect in the far infrared region (8-10μm), application for thermal chemical fiber, etc.

  1. Nano negative ions powder
Appearance white gray Type Crystal tourmaline
Content 99.9%


Primary particle size


100 nm

Bulk Density 2 g/ml Releasing rate 18000/cm3 (point to point)
Surface area 70 m2/g    








Product Features:


— Releasing large amount of negative ions, purifying air, effectively eliminating pollution caused by formaldehyde, ammonia, soot and others.

— Eliminating body fatigue, enhancing body immunity, and helping body staying energetic.

— Antibacterial, sterilizing and eliminating bad smell

— Continuously infrared emission, improving metabolism and microcirculation, balancing body’s PH value;

— Able to activating water molecules, generating alkaline water, applied to sterilization and beauty industry etc.;

— For improving lung function, accelerating respiratory fiber capillary tissue activity, oxygen absorption quantity with about 20%, glandular secretion, secretion function of nasal mucosa.


  1. Zinc stannate acid
Appearance navy Composition SnO2:Sb2O3
Content ≥99%:


Primary particle size


18 nm

Bulk Density 0.1 g/ml Nitrogen Content >30%
Crystal cubic structure Surface area 70 m2/g












Product Features:

- For applying to any kind of polymers, entirely non-toxic, safe and easy to use;

- Low dosage (5-10%), oxygen index of 33 can be achieved in most polymers;

- After grinding dispersion and surface modification, high transparence can be achieved;

- Fine particles, narrow particle size distribution, superior dispersion, small impact on the properties;

- Good hydrolysis resistance, difficult to hydrolysis, keeping smooth and delicate surface in water soluble products, not easy to separate out, no cold cream;

—Superior heat resistance, resisting high temperature decomposition to above 500 degrees

  1. Titanium nitride
Appearance white powder Content ≥99%
Type multi doped stannic anhydride


Bulk Density


1.2 g/ml

Flame retardant level UL94V-0 Oxygen index 33
Primary particle size 50 nm PH 7-8








Product Features:

- High barrier property, water vapor barrier property improved more than ten times in plastic bottle or thin film

- Improving hardness and toughness in alloy

- UV absorbing, improving glossiness and solving plastic yellowing efficacy

       - Reducing metal (silver copper zinc etc.)

       - fusion temperature (200℃), producing more uniform alloy.



This product should be sealed in vacuum and stored in cool and dry rooms, can not be exposure to air and be under stress.

NanoDispersion :

NalinV Nanodispersion is made from professional precision grinding dispersion equipment with advanced unique formula and preparation technology,

Maintained in various polar or non-polar organic solvents and water with uniformity, homogenization, stability and narrow particle size distribution, secondary particle size less than 80nm (with dispersion size D50),

Customizing for a variety of resin, coatings and plastics with optimal matching scheme, to meet the application requirements in various fields.

  1. Cesium tungstate dispersion
Appearance transparent blue black liquid Model NLV-95CH
Effective solid content 20%(Adjustable)





Composition Nano ceramic+dispersant+ toluene(optional) Dispersion particle size ≤40nm(D50)













Product features

1. High transparency,High IR ,In VLT of 70% for 9500nm IR can reach more than 90%.(for 1400nm IR can reach more than 90%.)

2. Widely suitability,can be dispersed in various kinds of acrylic acids resin,polyester resin,Organic silicon resin and others

3. Clear transparent low haze value(Uniformly dispersed in the resin,coating and after drying the haze value is less then 1 ).

4. Long-term storage ( Six month)

Nanoparticles low agglomeration.

  1. Nano ceramic transparent dispersion


Coloring power 80% Color Tone Multicolored
Effective solid content 20% (adjustable)





Composition Ceramic pigment + dispersing agent + toluene(adjustable) Dispersion particle size ≤70nm(D50)












Product Features:

◦ Wide suitability,apply to various resin, adhesive, plastic, rubber and others;

◦ Superior performance for light & weather resistance (no change at QUV2000h), pure hue, saturation and good gloss;

◦ Ultrafine particles, narrow particle size distribution, clear and transparent;

◦ Low viscosity (less than 300CPS), excellent fluidity, convenient for deployment and operation.


  1. Nano Cerium Oxide dispersion
Product model: NLV-CUV pH value 8
Appearance Light yellow liquid


Effective solid content


40% (adjustable)

Composition Ceramic pigment + dispersing agent + toluene(adjustable) Dispersion particle size ≤70nm(D50)












Product Features:

◦ Wide applicability, apply to various resin, adhesive, plastic, rubber and others;

◦ absorb UV 250~380nm, can be added into a variety of resin systems to provide excellent durability and protection for coating and polymer;

◦ Little influence on visible light, high clarity and transparence.

◦ High temperature resistance (no decomposition at 300℃)

◦ Ultra long service life, can replace low molecular weight organic UV absorber;

◦ can be used as lubricating oil synergist, with reduced friction factor, and decreased exhaust gas emissions more than 30%.

  1. Nano Molybdic oxide dispersing agent (Low VLT, high heat insulation)
Product model: NLV-CUV pH value 7.5
Appearance Transparent black liquid


Effective solid content


20% (adjustable)

Composition Nano Molybdic Oxide + dispersing agent + Toluene(Optional) Dispersion particle size ≤40nm(D50)












Product Features:

◦ Wide applicability, apply to various resin, adhesive, plastic, rubber and others;

◦ For low VLT, and high IR (VL20%,IR80%);

◦ Superior light and weathering resistance (no change at QUV2000h);

◦ For high clarity, low haze, pure hue, and good gloss;

◦ Low viscosity (less than 300CPS), excellent fluidity, convenient for deployment and operation.

  1. Nano Silicon Oxide dispersion
Product model NLV-SD50 pH value 9.5
Appearance Transparent white liquid


Effective solid content



Composition Nano Silicon Oxide + dispersing agent + Ethanol Dispersion particle size ≤35nm(D50)












Product Features:

◦ Wide applicability, apply to various resin, adhesion, plastic, rubber andothers.

◦ Unique performance in anti-water, anti-fire, anti-washing brush and anti-pollution;

◦ Apply on liquid adhesive system, polymers etc., to control the performance of rheological and thixotropy, good synergist for anti-sediment, thickening, anti-flow.

◦ Apply on polishing liquid of sapphire and optical lens, to solve surfaceroughness, waviness and surface defection;

◦ Improved coating scrub and corrosion resistance;

◦ Improved coating adhesion, flexibility, physical mechanical properties;

◦ Strong UV rejection, and improved plastic durability.

  1. Nano-ATO dispersion
Appearance Blue black liquid Model NLV-ATO
Effective solid content 30%(adjustable)








Dispersion particle size ≤40nm(D50)












Product Features:

◦ Widely used in semiconductor, electronic kinescope, LED, energy saving and environmental protection (infrared and UV rejection), anti-static, radiation protection and other fields;

◦ High transparency and high infrared rejection, good barrier for infrared above 1400nm, can be used to make thermal fiber (also good barrier properties for infrared at 8-10um);

◦ Wide solubility, can be mixed with any resin, coating and plastic;

◦ Low product defect rate in production process, due to less brittleness of ATO comparing to ITO.

  1. Nano-Ito dispersion
Appearance light yellow liquid Model NLV9090CH
Effective solid content 20%(Adjustable)





Composition In2O3:SnO2=90:10 Dispersion particle size ≤50nm(D50)












Product features

1. High transparency,High IR

In VLT of 80% for 1400nm IR can reach more than 90%.

2. Good conductivity ,Apply to flat panel display and antistatic coating;

3. Apply to Shielding electromagnetic interference(EMI)

Appearance transparent white liquid Model NLV-33ZR
Effective solid content 40%(Adjustable)






Nano-zinc stannate+dispersant


Flame retardant level UL94V-O
Dispersion particle size ≤60nm(D50)    














Zinc stannate dispersion


Product features

1. Widely suitability ;Apply to various resin,

Adhesive,Plastics, rubber and others.

2. High transparency:No effect on the performance and color of adding product

3. Low dosage:About 10-20% of the added,

Oxygen index of 33 can be achieved in most polymers;

4. No effect on the physical performance.

High temperature resistant.

Modified masterbatch

Remodeling Materials with new vitality


NalinV inorganic nano modified masterbatch, made from its unique technology of wet granulation, and mixing various functional nano sizing agents into resin carriers,


All products have reached world leading levels in terms of uniformity, dispersion, and stability of nano particles.


Choice of many formulas, with different carriers, customed colors and product’s multi-functionalities,


such as function of high transparency high insulation, photochromism, negative ions releasing, anti blue light, high hardening, antimicrobial, antifouling or high barrier.


1. Photochromic masterbatch

2. Hardening masterbatch

3. whitening masterbatch

4. Transparent heat insulating masterbatch

5. Releasing negative ion masterbatch

6. UV blocking masterbatch

7. Anti blue light masterbatch

8. antistatic masterbatch

9. flame retardant masterbatch

10. High barrier masterbatch

Ceramic coatings

Future star for coatings

Revolutionary products in coating industry, Set all kinds of the most excellent performance in one;

Based on organic resin and nano inorganic hybrid materials, fully combines the advantages of organic and inorganic materials;

The safest and the most environmentally friendly coatings: food contact, aqueous or alcoholic solvent;

Contains only Si, O, C, H and other elements, raw materials are fully taken from nature, can be directly returned to nature.


Include :High toughness high rigidness: >6H one of the most rigid materials

Nonflammable: The only organic coating material in flame – retardant

High temperature: Long-term usage at 500C, short-term for 1000C

Non-corrosive: Strong tolerance for various solvents, acids, etc.

Durability: QUV 4000h, one of the most weathering materials


Our Service:

Besides our wide variety of products we are able to offer customized solutions and special developments to meet the particular demands and needs of our customers.

For our product we can provide you :

Professional Free Design

OEM Support

Min Order Qty

Fast Delivery

Good after sale service

Free Sample

For your visiting our company we can offer you :

1) Pick you up at the airport;

2) Book hotel for you;

3) Guide you a happy trip in Shanghai.

4) Pick up you from your hotel to our yard and check our products.


>> Free Sample available on Request!


If you are interested in our product ,pls contact me at any time is ok!


I will reply you asap.


Contract person:



Mbl/Viber/What's up: 0086-188 6206 0277

Mbl/Viber/What's up: 0086-182 0178 6076


Skype: penny.lee01


NALINV Nanotechnology(ShangHai) Co., Ltd.








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